Blonay June 15 – June 21 2008

2nd workshop for contemporary quartet music

During the second workshop for contemporary quartet music in Blonay in June 2008 five young composers faced the challenge of preparing a new quartet. Each day their work-in-progress was discussed, argued about and resolved in public master classes by the Arditti Quartet and Wolfgang Rihm. Very often Wolfgang gave lectures relating to various aspects of contemporary music stressing their close links with the past. There were plenty of opportunities for all participants to relax, either over energetic games of ping-pong or during lengthy discussions in the evenings.

A final concert played by the Arditti Quartet featuring all the new works was held on the last day of the workshop.

Arditti Quartet – quartet-in-residence
Wolfgang Rihm – composer-in-residence

participating composers:
Birke Bertelsmeier [Germany]
Milicia Djordjevic [Serbia]
Patricia Sucena de Almeida [US/France]
Felipe Lara [Brazil]
Christopher Moore [U.S.A.]

concert     Blonay – June 21 2008
photos      Blonay 2008